Ziggy, short for Ziggurat, is a terraced temple/stepped pyramid inspired by early Mesopotamian and Mesoamerican megaliths. These ancient structures emerged all across the globe amongst civilizations with no discernible connection to one another. They all shared a common purpose of ceremonial, astrological, and spiritual uses.

As civilizations evolve, our belief systems shift, and architectural structures along with them. These edifices represent a snapshot of human achievement and exemplify human potential, ingenuity and complexity.

Ziggy is a hexahedron pyramid, inspired by the ziggurats and temples of the past while channeling the aesthetic of the future. By emulating well known ancient structures while using a combination of mirrored, dichroic, and translucent materials with intricately laser cut patterns, we have created something that feels both ancient and futuristic.

Ziggy is a familiar yet foreign experience, offering an opportunity for those who see it to feel both comforted and surprised by it’s intricacies. It is a space dedicated to shifting the perspective of participants and offers a thread of connectivity and balance to those who enter; a rewarding experience from every angle.

Like Axis Mundi, Ziggy features code by Lilli Szafranski that is forever random. Within 15 minutes the algorithm will have chosen between more possible combinations of colors and patterns than there are atoms in the universe.

Made in collaboration with After Dark Arts & Lumina Lab PDX

Commissioned for Electric Daisy Carnival 2018


DATE: 5/19/2018
CLIENT: Insomniac