Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi is a geometric shrine in the form of a 6-sided gazebo, made entirely of LED lit, laser cut panels. Emerging from the inside of the structure sits a 3ft tall kaleidoscope. Within the mirrors of the kaleidoscope is an ever changing , infinitely reflected globe of organic growth, cosmic convergence, and fractal patterns. Paying homage to the space between micro and macro, Axis Mundi envisions the boundaries of our own microcosm of existence while exploring the possibilities of the undiscovered.

Axis Mundi features code by Lilli Szafranski that is forever random. Within 15 minutes the algorithm will have chosen between more possible combinations of colors and patterns than there are atoms in the universe.

Made in collaboration with Lumina Lab PDX & Full Spectrum Laser


DATE: 6/21/2017
CLIENT: What the Festival