The Tetractys is an ancient symbol used to represent the geometric organization of known dimensions and the four classical elements (fire, air, water and earth). Our installation is an ancient forge of eternally reflected flames paying homage to the monoliths and obelisks of old. Within the heart of Tetractys is a sphere of fire embodying the power of the stars and mirroring the magnificent phenomenon that is humankind’s fleeting yet purposeful moment within our observable universe. The massive expanse of the cosmos can feel dark and overwhelming, yet we aspire to find meaning and purpose, carving out a small corner of consciousness while illuminating the darkness around us. Humanity has seen fire as both an agent of purity and symbol of righteousness and truth; of creation and destruction. Fire cleanses and allows new growth while also captivating and offering moments of self reflection and wonder to those who watch it’s dance. It is an explosive metamorphosis of bright energy, much like humanity itself.


Tetractys is a tripod structure featuring a giant fire kaleidoscope with a tapered mirror system that creates a faceted sphere. Mirror finish stainless steel is used in lieu of glass mirrors, & the fire feature affixed to the top of the pyramid acts as the object chamber featuring geometric metal art to maximize the sphere effect. The kaleidoscope sits on 3 legs, made of structural steel tubing, where participants stand beneath the piece & gaze up into the depths of the pyramid, viewing an infinitely reflected fiery globe which appears to extend beyond the inside of the structure. The exterior will remind the viewer of a futuristic yet neolithic obelisk and is accented with subtle LEDs along the legs with simple patterns to keep the piece visible to passerby.

Six to twelve people at a time will be able to stand beneath the piece & look up as a huge ball of infinitely reflected fire dances & amuses from above. While the piece itself will be perspective shifting & passively interactive in nature due to the fusion of hypnotic kaleidoscopic fire effects & our custom geometric art, we plan to create a control panel allowing several user controlled flame effects within the kaleidoscope.



“The flame is an agent of purity and a symbol of righteousness and truth. Fire burns ever-upward and cannot itself be polluted.”

-Early Zoroastrian Fire-Worshippers